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'In Onitsha, Spectacular 2023 Ofala Festival' (PHOTOS)

 2023 Ofala festival in pictures

His Royal Majesty, Igwe Nnaemeka Achebe, Agbogidi, the 21st Obi of Onitsha’s 21st Ofala anniversary, which kicked off on Friday in Onitsha, Anambra State, with the Youth Carnival organised by the Onitsha Ado Youth Council (OYC), continued on Saturday with the Iru Ofala and the Azu Ofala on Sunday, came to a magnificent end on Tuesday with a Royal Banquet hosted by the digital solutions provider, Globacom, official sponsors of the cultural fiesta since 2011, in honour of the Onitsha monarch at the Golden City Events Centre, Residency Drive, Onitsha.

 *Ofala: Obi of Onitsha looks ahead, appreciates God, ancestors and stakeholders* 

“The last year has been extremely busy during which we consolidated on our past gains, learned from our mistakes, and also broke new ground. We worked more closely together as a community as we continued the journey of re-positioning our homeland to remain fit for this century of rapid change driven by technology. Our development programmes enjoyed endorsements from the State Government and international and national NGOs through their growing partnerships and collaborations.

Going forward, we will continue on the pathways of consolidation, correction, and discovery. Specifically, we will focus distinctly on the following issues.

Reviewing our traditional jurisprudence process with a view to speeding up the cases and spreading the burden among Ndichie.

Adopting the revised Rules and Regulations in line with traditional due process after comments by, and a general meeting with, all constituent groups. 

Giving greater support to our young entrepreneurs with emphasis on closer supervision, audit, and mentoring. Also, supporting the funding initiatives which will support more women-owned micro-businesses.

Making our proposed Microfinance Institution (MFI) operational.

Recovering all outstanding loans from the defaulting cooperative associations.

Consolidating and expanding the synergies among our various community work groups, as well as sustaining the existing external partnerships even as we seek to build new ones.

Re-visiting the options for the establishment of a modern cemetery for the community.

Revitalizing our strategy on the war against illicit drug peddling and addiction, and cultism.

Completing and equipping the offices, and training and work facilities, in the East Pavilion, including the installation of high-speed internet access for the entire Ime Obi,

Structurally merging our two vigilante groups under one command and continuous training and discipline in line with the Nigeria Police guidelines; and

Instituting the Roll of Honour for deserving Ndi Onicha as well as non-indigenes. 

“Gratitude and Appreciation: 

Again, our first and highest gratitude goes to God Almighty, who makes all things possible. The blessings that we have received this year, as in the past, are enormous and well beyond human capacity. We remain ever grateful and humble as we pray for continued guidance and protection.

We also continue to appreciate our ancestors and founding fathers who gave us origin and remain our intercessors to God. We shall continue to uphold the fundamental norms and practices they bequeathed to us whilst meeting the demands of the 21st century.

Our principal partners for the Ofala festival, namely, Globacom Limited and International Breweries Plc, have remained steadfast with us even with the present economic challenges. We thank them exceedingly and trust that our mutually beneficial partnership will continue to grow.

We also thank the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation for its endorsement of the Ofala festival as a national event, Pensions Transition Arrangements Directorate (PTAD) for its regular participation in and support for the Ofala, and Julius Berger Plc for its distinct community social investments in our domain. There are a large number of other supporters for the Ofala, including individuals, corporate bodies, the Onitsha business community, and media, that we owe substantial gratitude.”

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