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Rumbles in Nigerian Immigration Over Comptroller-General

THINGS are not going smoothly in Nigerian Immigration Services (NIS).

There is a line between the helms person, the Acting Comptroller-General (Ag. CG), Wuraola Caroline  Adepoju and some influential officers in the NIS heirachy. Inquiry reveals that the major bone of contention in the row is the alleged expiry of her tenure in office as NIS staff.

Appointed in acting capacity, five months ago, the Acting Comptroller General of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), following the June 1, 2023, the federal government's new policy on Civil Defense, Correctional, Fire and Immigration service, Mrs. Adepoju who was formerly deputy comptroller-general rose to the helm of the service, and replaced Isah Jere whose tenure expired on May 29. Ever since, her reign has been rough.

Some sources in the service, flaw Mrs. Adepoju's appointment, claiming she was already due for retirement as at the time of the elevation, and not supposed to be in service the month she got confirmation as head of NIS.

There from, things have continued to swirl downward and even along ethnic lines as a section of the staff, dubbed the Yoruba Heritage Group lined behind her appointment which they describe as a means of correct their perceived marginalisation of the Yoruba in the service whilst those behind the former leadership and some members of other ethnicities are found on other sides.


Shortly after Adepoju’s confirmation, the Yoruba group’s leader, Segun Adesemoye, expressed satisfaction, describing it as record-breaking and observed how symbolic it is that the appointment happened on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s first day in office.

Adesemoye was reported thusly: “This is a pointer to greater things to come; we thank the President for his courage and selflessness.”

“Adepoju’s ascent to the role of Acting CG marks a significant departure from the norm, as she is not only the first Yoruba person but also the first Yoruba woman to hold this prestigious position. Her appointment, coming at a time when Nigeria is in dire need of healing and national restoration, is seen as a harbinger of positive change."

He reasoned that Adepoju’s leadership will foster fresh perspective and rejuvenation in NIS.

But sources in NIS say, notwithstanding her appointment, Adepoju’s tenure as NIS was supposed to end May 31, 2023.

Members of groups against her continued stay now frown and kick against her continued stay, clamoring that she has to give way for others next in line.

One of the groups has called on the President to replace her with a new officer as substantial comptroller-general.

Attempts to reach the Ag. CG or her office as at time of publication, were not successful.

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