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World Championships: Nigeria Olympic C'mttee congratulates Tobi Amusan despite loss

Nigeria Olympic Committee (NOC) has expressed solidarity with the currently embattled frontline Nigerian athlete, Tobi Amusan.

In a message issued today, entitled, 'Despite losing the 100m hurdles title we are with you' the NOC congratulated the World Record-holding 100m hurdler.

A release issued by the public relations officer of NOC, Tony Nezianya, stated thusly: "the Board of the Nigeria Olympic Committee (NOC) is reaching out to offer you, Tobi Amusan, some comforting words in the light of your race yesterday in Budapest at which you lost out in the finals,  placing 6th in 12.62 secs. 

"Although you may have faced disappointment in failing to defend your 100-meter hurdle, we want you to know that all is not lost. 

"We are consoled that your 12.12 seconds World record set at Oregon, U.S., is intact. We know you have been under considerable pressure lately. Do not lose your focus as the 2024 Paris Games are still a year ahead of you." 

The statement by Nezianya on behalf of President of the NOC, Habu Gummel,  noted that the outcome of Ms. Amusun' outing, earlier this week in global athletics meet, "is not the end of the world." Hence it advised her that it should not "define your talents or abilities" given that "competing at such a high level comes with its fair share of ups and downs, victories and setbacks. It is through these challenging moments that we grow and discover our true resilience. 

"Tobi, you have shown incredible strength throughout your career, and this setback will only serve as another stepping stone on your path to success.

"Remember, the most successful athletes have faced defeats but have managed to bounce back even stronger. It is during these difficult times that you develop the mental fortitude and discipline necessary to overcome obstacles. 

"Take this experience as an opportunity to learn, refocus, and refine your strategies for future races.

"You are an inspiration to countless individuals who look up to your incredible athletic journey. Your unwavering commitment to your sport and your ability to rise above adversity is truly remarkable. We do not doubt that you will bounce back, stronger than ever before.

"Take some time to reflect, recharge, and surround yourself with a supportive network of friends, family, and coaches. They will be there to encourage and uplift you throughout this process. Remember, you are not alone in this pursuit of greatness.

"We believe in your exceptional talent and boundless potential. You have proven time and time again that you have what it takes to succeed. Embrace this setback as an opportunity for growth and use it to fuel your fire. Your comeback will be nothing short of extraordinary.

"Stay strong, Tobi. Your best has yet to come."

It should be recalled that Amusan was under a provisional suspension over her whereabouts during a drug test. The ban was lifted just two days ahead of the start of the World Championships in Budapest  which, understandably, rubbed off on her performance.

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