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'Nigeriens resident in Kano protest ECOWAS' plan for military action'


Hundreds of Nigerien nationals residing in Kano State, have staged a peaceful protest against coup in their country.


They also declared support for the Economic Community of West African States, (ECOWAS) sanctions on the country.


The residents who condemned the military coup d’état that removed President Mohamed Bazoum’s democratic government, however, warned against military intervention in their country.


The Chairman of the group, Lawalli Mamman Barma, who led a peaceful protest on Saturday in Kano, appealed to the military coup leaders, to, without any conditions, whatsoever, release President Mohamed Bazoum, his family and all other victims that were allegedly kidnapped during the military intervention conducted on July 16, 2023.


He said, “We demand without condition, the release of the president of Niger Republic, as well as his family and all other kidnapped persons.”


The chairman, while calling for the restoration of democratic leadership in Niger Republic, also, urged ECOWAS to rescind its decision to enforce military forces in the country, stressing that dialogue is the best approach to resolving conflict than military confrontation.


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