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Tinubu To Exempt Workers From Paying Tax But Won't Increase Salaries – Oshiomhole


With the agonizing effect of the removal of fuel subsidy by the Federal Government, the Former Nigeria Labour Congress President, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has stated that President Bola Tinubu intends to suffice the pain of the people by exempting some workers from paying taxes for the meantime. However, he remarked that the President wont be increasing their salaries. 

He explained that the benefit of this initiative by the President is to ensure that the take home pay of the worker has significantly increased. He also stated that the President is also reviewing the minimum wages of certain sectors in the public services. 

He said, ''I have been talking to President Tinubu and having been involved in the campaign. I know what we promised that we will withdraw the subsidy but not to impose hardship on the people. And that is why the President unlike the others, he was at the forefront of saying that he's aware of the unintended consequences with this policy. And he's ready to take a review at the National Minimum wage and to also back it up with the law. For example, the President on his own initiative want to exempt some workers from paying tax but he won't increase salaries. And that is to increase the take home pay of the workers.''

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