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Kenya launches digital register of sex offenders


By Biodun Busari

Kenya’s Chief Justice Martha Koome inaugurated the country’s first digital sex offender registry on Monday.

She said this at the Convicted Sexual Offenders Electronic Register at the Kibera Law Courts in Nairobi, emphasising its potential to effectively combat sex offences.

Koome noted the importance of the register as an elaborate database containing important information on all convicted sex offenders, according to local media reports.

“The register will enable the actors in the justice chain to monitor and supervise sexual offenders after their release from prison,” she said.

“It will also enable the public to access information on sexual offenders in their neighbourhoods and take precautionary measures to protect themselves and their children.”

The digital mechanism will not only serve as a deterrent but will also play a pivotal role in prevention and rehabilitation efforts targeting sex offenders.

According to Anadolu Agency, the electronic register will also enable law enforcement agencies and other authorised bodies to efficiently track and monitor convicted individuals, enhancing public awareness and safety.

Kenya has been actively embracing digital advancements to enhance efficiency and streamline services across various sectors.

In recent years, the country has grappled with the pervasive issue of sex offences, which have posed significant challenges to the safety and well-being of its citizens.

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