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Nanny arrested for s3xually molesting 1-year-old boy


Lagos-based nanny, Busayo Monday, has been arrested for reportedly forcing a 1-year-old boy to perform oral sex on her.

The incident was uncovered after the mother of the child went through the CCTV footage she had to know how the lady from Cotonou, takes care of her children.

“Let me tell you something about all these maids. They are only working for you because of what they can gain not because of the salary you’re paying them. Which is why even after your kindness and gifts, they prefer to go elsewhere and never come back after Christmas holiday because they have studied your house and seen that the plans they original had wouldn’t work. so they prefer to try another home. You see this girl, her name is Busayo Monday.

“I thought she was the nicest and most hardworking girl I ever came across. I hardly complain about her work and she took good care of the kids.(So I thought ). until she gave me the shocker of my life. This one is the definition of pure undiluted evil human being. She is a child predator, a molester, a rapist and a psychotic being. Barely 2months after she started work, she was caught on cctv performing all sort of immoral acts on a year old boy.

“The sad part is that they will package her to another innocent family, she will sway them with her quiet looks and humble demeanor and if they don’t have a CCTV, She would get away with her evil plans. Please install a camera in your homes if you’re leaving your innocent kids with either professional nannies or any kind of nanny,

please install a cctv because this girl can put poison in your food if she feels like. Her name is Busayo Monday, from Cotonou.”

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