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Oil-ladden tanker falls, spills content in middle of rush traffic in Awka(video)

Wrongly-parked passenger bus blamed for accident

By Chuka Nnabuife|_National Light_

VEHICULAR traffic was jammed this afternoon (Wednesday, October 5) in ARROMA and the center of Awka, capital of Anambra State following an accident that involved an oil-ladden tanker and a road-blocking passenger bus.

According to eye witness the tanker, filled with palm kernel oil fell on its left while avoiding a passenger bus that parked in the middle of the road under ARROMA Flyover at about 3.15 pm.

"The tanker was trying to avoid hitting the bus when it climbed the divider between the road and the flyover wall and tumbled," said an eye witness. The bus was reportedly, picking passengers on the road.

 _National Light_ gathered that the 16-tyre tanker was loaded in Amansea of Awka North local council in the border of Anambra and states and headed for Onitsha also in Anambra State.

No death was recorded in the accident but oil spilled all over the road and drains as scores of people were found scooping it into makeshift receptacles. The development also caused traffic jam on Enugu-Onitsha Expressway and sundry routes.

Sources at the bus terminal under the flyover informed that the errant bus "drove off" when tanker tumbled. 

As at the time _National_ _Light_ got to the scene the middle-aged tanker was found forlorn and speechless while sitting on the grass beside the badly damaged lorry.

Firefighters from Anambra Fire Service arrived the about 10 minutes after the accident and began with work on cleaning up the oil silt on the road.

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