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Angel Recounts Her Experience at Same Hospital Where Rico Swavey Was Reportedly Admitted Before His Death


Big Brother Naija star, Angel has shared her experience at a hospital where co-reality show star, Rico Swavey was allegedly rushed to before his death. 

 Angel shared the name of the hospital after a video of its nurses talking while Rico Swavey was unconscious,  was shared online after his death. 

According to Angel, she was also taken to the hospital in Ajah unconscious and it was a terrible experience for her. 

 She tweeted; 

 Gonna speak on this because when I was unconscious at home, my friend rushed me here and let me tell y’all something, it was terrible. Nobody should be going to Doren in Ajah

I felt terrible for at least a week, only God knows what type of drugs they gave me I could’ve gone to meet kobe true true

My grandmother and mother bundled me to another hospital, 0/10 lmfaooo and they wanted my granny to sign that if anything happened to me, it was on us not them lmfaooo

Honestly thank God lmfaooo, even common icu they should have taken me into, they didn’t do, left me in the same area I think they left Rico in from what I’m hearing

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