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JP Morgan Chase cuts ties with Kanye West


American bank, JPMorgan Chase has ended its banking relationship with Rapper, Kanye West.

 The news was made public by conservative figure, Candace Owens, who was seen wearing a "White Lives Matter" shirt with Ye last week, prompting fierce criticism...

Owens posted on Twitter late Wednesday night, October 12, an official note from JPMorgan Chase Bank announcing the end of their commercial relationship with Ye.

She wrote, "I was told there was no official reason given, but they sent this letter as well to confirm that he has until late November to find another place for the Yeezy empire to bank."

From the letter Kanye was given exactly until November 21 to move his business to a different bank.

The move comes as Kanye faces backlash for recent anti-Semitic comments, among other things he has made in interviews and on social media, prompting Twitter and Facebook to temporarily ban his accounts.

 He was also criticized for wearing a "White Lives Matter" shirt to both his daughter's basketball game and the Yeezy Show and calling the Black lives matter movement which he donated 2 million dollars to, a scam.

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