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Shame! Our world still subdued by COVID-19

 WHAT a shame that we find ourselves in the year 2022, still pinned down by the same brand of coronavirus discovered in November 2019 in, Wuhan, China. (COVID-19) still a pandemic, holding the whole world hostage!

  It is not only shameful but disgustingly, unacceptable that since the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic in March 2020, the whole health sector of the universe could not rise up to the challenge of the virus. Over two years now, the COVID boulder is too heavy for the entire world to push out of the way. Sad!

  Worse and difficult to fathom is the fact that the menacing coronavirus is largely dependent on basic hygiene conditions; quality of air and environment and keeping safe distance between one person and another.

It is disheartening to imagine that a disease that is not classified in health circles as terminal such as cancer, diabetes, and their ilk is defeating humanity in such a humiliating manner.

  Indeed, this coronavirus in reign now, makes nonsense of all of the globe’s expertise in the health sector.   It should baffle even the least-informed of the huge expense states, enterprises, donors among others make in the health sector daily that such a development could beat all of us, black and blue.

  Researchers across continents have arrived at vaccines for the virus but as things stand, those innovations have not become solutions not really because of lack of therapeutic potency but largely as a result of vital social conditions that matter as much as healing.

Beyond the zestfully pursued studies that led to the emergence of several vaccines for COVID-19, donors, pundits, bureaucracies, 0lactivists and almost all relevant or just related interest group have risen to the fore in the frantic campaign to see the end of the coronavirus but it still defies every effort offered.

  To some cynical persons,  the situation shows the overarching lack in our health studies or at least the need to reorder the entire health industry for effective results.

  One is more pushed to say so after a recall that the health industry is about the highest reaper from the kindness of charities, donor agencies, activists, corporate interventions and even demagogues in contemporary time. Where are the results of all those monies and labour, globally or have we, all, been deluding ourselves all the while by assuming that a disease of flu and cough cannot be more challenging than research on nuclear armament or space travel? One assumes that the COVID is forcing the world to reexamine her priorities or to reorder her rankings of what constitutes big feats.

In fact, a more indepth pry into the matter would reveal that even the still intractable health matter may not be the biggest factor.

  What COVID reveals is that contemporary world is in trouble with her latest dimension in communication. In gadgets, usage and content, modern communication has gone so haywire that things are almost uncontrollable, characteristically uncomfortable to both the communicator and his receiver, and generally confusing. Worse, nobody has a clue of how to rein in the dogs.

  In a world where radical advancements in communication technologies, unrelenting  development of devices and inability of policies to control a hunger for consumption of anything, including obvious falsehood and made-up fantasy as news, everything put out in social media, even by tots or irrational adults becomes an issue that rock and thrill society.

In a world where neither local nor regional and international agencies help humanity to sieve junks from crusts of the matter and save society from arsonists and nihilists, nobody controls thoughts. Even standard news givers and professionals of the mass media industry can no longer set agenda or frame the direction of society as effectively as they used. Everyone is now losing because of it, and deeply in askance on how to come out of the woods. This is the real failure of our generation in the COVID impasse.

  What makes the matter worse is that we are in an age that also flop in basic arts of message comprehension. It appears, anything goes now, in the minds of this age. It is to such extent that you will find people, adults not tots, who believe and spend hours arguing whether a man gave birth or not.

You may find well advanced persons banging their heads and sweating over clear hoaxes and cock and bunkum maybe because of political, religious or business biases.

  These factors that were less manifest in previous generations, make it very difficult for this age to tackle such a tractable ailment as coronavirus.

  Unlike when humanity saw experts go to pigs and cows to extract agents to produce penicillin and still stopped to take it in inoculations which cured many, this generation has too much ego and foolery to allow their specialists work.

  A generation that cooks up all manner of conspiracy theories and stages every sort of protest even when asked to wash their hands or cover their face when coughing cannot give even flu a kick. Sad, very sad!

There was an age that fought influenza. Another conquered tuberculosis. At another time, it was small pox and others but ours, despite our so called, advancements information, cannot put ourselves together to tackle COVID-19 even when it just requires basic hygiene, our collective sense of purpose and just applying our reasoning faculty to process the plethora of messages, we are served daily, to take in facts.

What a shame!

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