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All Northerners Vacate Anambra, With Immediate Effect- Adamu Garba

 Adamu Garba was on his Twitter account this morning to react to the killing of a pregnant woman and her children in Anambra state. A video circulating online shows a woman referred to as Fatima and her three kids lying in a pool of blood on a road, bullets were also seen around their lifeless bodies. This news got Adamu Garba angry this morning because people are not talking about it enough and people are not condemning the killing that allegedly happened in Anambra state.

So Adamu Garba took to his Twitter account to call on all the northerners in Anambra state to vacate with immediate effect. He said until and unless a strong government is put in place to guarantee the protection of lives and properties of Nigerians anywhere they find themselves, citizens have the right to vacate where they are endangered, this is the reason for people like the late Fatima to come back home were they are valued.

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