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YouTube set to lift Trump ban if violence threat falls


YouTube's chief executive officer has announced that the video sharing/streaming platform may lift Donald Trump's suspension, if the threat of "real-world violence" decreases.



CEO Susan Wojcicki said the social media company will look at government warnings and watch out for violent rhetoric to determine when it's safe to lift the suspension.



Recall YouTube alongside Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter suspended the former US president following the Capitol Hill riot carried out by Trump supporters on 6 January that left five dead.




YouTube said he had violated their incitement of violence policy and had to suspend him.



"It's pretty clear that right now where we stand, that there still is that elevated risk of violence," the YouTube chief said during an interview with the Atlantic Council.



Ms Wojcicki clarified that the Trump's conduct had not led to a full ban on the platform.



Youtube operates under a three strike system and an account must receive all three strikes within 90 days to be permanently removed.




The company said Trump's suspension in January was his first strike.



Rudy Giuliani, the former personal attorney to Mr Tump, received his second strike earlier this week for claiming the 2020 presidential election was stolen.



Typically, a first strike results in a seven day suspension of an account, but Mr Trump's has been prolonged due to a continued risk of violence.



Trump has been pretty quiet since leaving office mainly due to his social media absence.

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