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Online sex worker, Bitchcraft arrested by NDLEA

Popular Nigerian online sex worker, Bitchcraft has been arrested by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).




Bitchcraft confirmed this in a tweet she shared, but said she has been freed. She also disclosed that she was arrested over "smoke"


Bitchcraft went on to talk about cutting people off and those who come through for her when she's in need.





She tweeted;




omggg Ya’Allah give me strength to cut off whoever that you didn’t send to add value to my life....Ya’ALLAH give me strength to cut off everybody I can’t call when I need help...P.S if you can’t call me when you need help...CUT ME OFF


I’m a loner fr, ion like disturbing people and I like to disturb people still, as a deep thinker, I think there’s something wrong somewhere..


No matter who you know or how many connections you have, the ones who gon come through for you with Just one call are the ones you need in your life..

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