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Only Man In The World Who Has Golden Plane Over 7000 Cars


The world is full of prosperous people, we know some of them, while we haven't heard of many others.

The world richest men that we recognize, because of our involvement on the internet, we know Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates.

But there's a man who was the wealthiest man on earth, but he's no more the richest man, because the position is now competitive, although he presently has a lot of assets.

Bolkiah Hassanal is the only man on earth who has an aircraft that is exclusively created with gold, and he has also acquired more than 7,000 cars.

He is the Prime Minister, and 29th Sultan of Brunei, making him one of the last monarchies in the world. He is among the few tycoons that people have hardly heard about.

His current net worth makes him to be among the wealthiest monarchs in history. He has luxurious cars, and owns a compilation of card valued at over $5 billion collectively.

He has more than 550 Rolls-Royces, 550 Mercedes-Benzes, 350 Bentleys. More than 150 BMWs, 400 Ferraris, 150 Jaguars, and over 130 Koenigsegg sports vehicles.

He also built a palace that has 1,788 rooms, planned by Leandro Locsin, who was his Architect. He lived a record-breaking lifestyle, like spending $20,000 to have just one hair cut.

He came after his father's regime, Sultan Omar Saifuddien Ali, who had many wives, and gave birth to 10 children.

In 1967, the father of Bolkiah surrendered his throne, and announced Bolkiah as the king, when he was still a student in a Military Academy in the UK. He climbed the throne, when he finished his military academy, after a year.

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