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Fashion entrepreneur, goes completely naked to celebrate 39th birthday


Fashion entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani, took to Instagram to share these photos of herself posing completedly naked to show off her amazing body art in celebration of her 39th today, March 1.


  1. Toyin Lawani, saw her on IG this morning and I was like ��. This is crazy

  2. Crazy? Not yet. The naked posture is just for her 39th. When it is her 40th she will try madness. Just wait

  3. Favoured Ruthie: Hahahaha, total madness
    Funny enough, the shots was taken by her husband

  4. Her hubby taking the shot does not make development lesser vain.
    In fact, it establishes a bigger scope of stupidity and vanity ... a couple celebrating a wife's birthday with her stark nude photograph for the whole world to see!?
    Of what thrill is globalizing the nakedness of a 39-year-old madam? Didn't you notice the sagging breasts?
    Why didn't the said husband pose naked with her, if he sanctioned that foolishness?
    Ndi ara!!!


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