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Explosion' reported at a busy London market

An 'explosion' was reported at a busy London market with firefighters rushing to the scene after they were alerted.

 Pictures posted on social media show thick black smoke rising from a building in Peckham and around 200 people being evacuated on Monday afternoon (Feb. 10).
According to reports, four fire engines including fire crews from stations in Peckham, New Cross, Brixton, and Lambeth worked on the blaze together.

The fire brigade confirmed the incident in a statement, saying they were attending to a fire at a multi-story car park, and it was under control as at 5.15pm.

 No injuries have been reported in relation to the fire.
A spokesperson for Peckham Levels told Metro.co.uk the fire was external to the building and has since been put out. They continued: ‘The team at Peckham Levels did a fantastic job, using their emergency procedures.

‘The building was evacuated quickly and there are no injuries or casualties to report. ‘No significant damage to the building has been reported. The site is currently closed as a safety measure whilst inspections are conducted. It will re-open as soon as it is safe to do so.’

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