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Couple caught having sex

 A naked couple caused a stir by performing a '45-minute sex show' in full view of other horrified guests at an exclusive celebrity hangout at the Chiltern Firehouse in the UK.

The pair engaged in all manner of sex acts up against a window in their hotel room at the west London venue with the bedroom lights on, above a rear entry door used by some celebrities including Dua Lipa who partied there.

The shocking display took place at Chiltern Firehouse, a hotel and eatery in swanky Marylebone owned by US businessman Andre Balazs.

A source said the couple were 'really going for it', adding: 'They'd left the lights on in the room so it was illuminated for all to see.

They went on for ages, in all sorts of different positions, as more and more people gathered below in shock.' 

The sex show took place the same night Lipa went out with friends to the luxury venue.

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