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Rolac urges people to protect the rights of the child.

Ihiala, 3rd December, 2019..... MOI The Rules of Law And Anti-Corruption (ROLAC) with the support of European Union and British Council embarked on sensitisation exercise, on the implementation of the child's right law.

The  sensitisation which took place at Ihiala local government hall on 3rd December, 2019 was coordinated by the State chapter of the agency, in conjunction with Anambra State government..

According to the State coordinator of the ROLAC Mr. Ben Ejide, the programme was introduced by the European Union and British Council, to help some countries in Africa, which Nigeria benefitted from.

It was introduced to sensitive the people on the need for the implementation of the rights of the children, in our various societies.

In his lecture, Mr. Ben Ejide said that the primary aim is to prevent, respond and protect the children from exploitation, abuse and molestation, in our societies.

It was observed that child's exploitation, abuse and molestation are at increment in most African societies, which Nigeria is not an exception.

And this made the two organisations to come together and came up with this programme, to protect the children from these problems.

Being it physical, psychological or sexual molestation.

It is on this note that ROLAC was contracted to move around some local governments in the state, to sensitise the people on the need to avoid and protect the children from all sorts of abuse.

Because, according to the State coordinator, the children we abuse today, must surely rise to attack the society tomorrow, whether directly or indirectly.

He also told the people to disseminate the information to their various communities, for wider sensitisation.

And urged them to always report any case of child's molestation, abuse and exploitation to the office of the child's right protection law or any nearest police station.

Because the agency works hard in hard with security agencies across the state.

When interviewed, the Ihiala local government coordinator of the agency Mr. Ntomchukwu Uchenna said that the Ihiala chapter of the agency has been up and doing, in tackling issues that has to do with child's abuse, or other related matters.

And will not relent in discharging their duties.

He said that the agency has always been on it's toes, to tackle any issue that has to do with child's exploitation.

And that Ihiala chapter of the agency has tried so much in covering the towns in the local government.

In his reaction, one Mr. Polycap Umunna from Lilu said that the programme is a welcome development, but needs serious security protection, before one starts reporting.

Mrs. Grace Oraguim from Okija also emphasised much on security back up, and secrecy for the job.

She said that the organisation should do everything possible to protect people that give them information on child's molestation and abuse, as well as not divulging the identities of the informant.

Meanwhile, while he was answering questions from the people, Mr. Ejide assured the people that all the necessary security protection has been on ground, to protect the informants.

The y were assured that their lives and properties are secured, while divulging the useful information to the agency.

And that the agency has secrecy, as one of its watchword.

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