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Ezinne Maria Obiageli Nnachor goes home

By Nkechi Ikenwoke and Blessing Nnabuife

Remains of the late Ezinne Maria Obiageli Nnachor of Mmiata Anam, Anambra West Local Government Area of Anambra State, has been laid to rest.

 She was born to the family of Ogbuevi John Maduneme and Iyom  Angelina Enuive Okaa Nwanbu of Umunsibe Umuezumezu kindred of Umueze Anam in Anambra West LGA.

  Her burial ceremony attracted  a good number of notable personalities within and outside the state, including the MD/CEO of Anambra Newspapers and Printing Corporation(ANPC), publishers of National Light Newspaper, Ka Ọ Dị Taa and SportsLightXtra, Sir Chuka Nnabuife, who led a delegation of ANPC workers to identify with the only son of the deceased and one of their staff, Mr Chuka Nnachor.

 The late Mrs Nnachor, whose husband, Chief  Emmanuel Nnachor, (Ochilimma) was once a chairman of the defunct Anambra Local Government,comprising the present Anambra-East, Anambra-West and Oyi Local  Government Areas  was the First Lady of old Anambra Local Government Area from 1988-89 and 1991-1993.

The MD/CEO of Anambra  Newspapers and Printing Corporation, Sir Chuka Nnabuife in his speech,consoled the family, noting that death is what every person on earth must answer to at a particular time in life and described it as inevitable.
  He said, "I came to console my colleague in Anambra  Newspapers and Printing Corporation, Chuka Nnachor, whose mother passed on.
I'm equally present to pay the last respect to a colleague of mine and fellow communicant in St. Thamos Aquinas Catholic Parish, Awka, Mrs Obiageli Nnachor A.K.A Heavy Rain; to see and confirm that the person who gave me early welcome to Awka had passed on because Mrs Nnachor at a time, for a whole four to six months, was the main person whose restaurant I had my dinner when I arrived Awka first for National Light job not knowing that she will be a mother of one of my staff or be  a fellow communicant in St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Parish, Awka. She was one of the women who had restaurants in GRA Agu-Awka, where I was residing then and I found her restaurant service worthy of patronising and eventually, she did it well. Later I could link her with one of my staff, link her with my church and link her with the person with whom I worship at the same Catholic Church. I came to say goodbye to her."

  He added that his presence was to pay a last respect to a good woman, a good community leader and impressive person, a mobilizer of women.
  Chief Emmanuel Nnachor, popularly known as Ochilimma, husband of the deceased, lamented the sudden demise of his wife and described death as a life scripture through which every person must transit to the life beyond, where matter is out of the question but where souls of the faithful departed rejoice everlastingly at the bosom of the Lord.  "Because of your unmatchable milk of human kindness, forthrightness and chastity, I have no doubt in my mind that you are already there. We have therefore flown to the patronage of our loving mother,Mary, to obtain for us divine fortitude to bear your irreparable loss. What cannot be avoided must be endured. May your gentle soul continue to rest in perfect peace where we shall meet to part no more", he said.
   Mrs Stella Nnalugha, the first daughter to the late Obiageli Nnachor, described her mother as a mother of all. "I could remember those days when we were small. After cooking like 30 cups of rice on Sundays, it will finish that day. That is to tell you that she welcomed everybody around her. In fact, I don't know words to describe her but out of all her legacies, what I prefer most is arms giving".
  She further added that the crowd at her mother's funeral was as a result of her generosity and arms giving when she was alive.
Mrs Valentina Emeka, who is the second daughter of the late Mrs Nnachor also said , "I'm totally speechless, I don't know how to explain this but I pray that God will grant her soul a peaceful rest in His bossom" .
  The Chairlady of Anam Women Organisation, Awka Branch, Mrs. Felicia Obidike noted that the late Mrs Nnachor  was a generous woman from Umueze Anam and married to Mmiata Anam."I'm from Anam and also married to Anam. We are present today to pay  last homage to our colleague and a mother. She was a very nice woman when she was alive but we can't question God over her sudden departure because the Bible tells us to glorify our Lord in every situation we find ourselves. She was our leader and eventually led us well during her tenure. She took our affairs as her personal burden. "
  The Chairlady, Catholic Women Organisation (CWO), Mmiata Anam, Mrs  Felicia Uduaka said that the death of the late Mrs Obiageli Nnachor was a huge loss to them, adding that she was one of the women who united other women in Our lady Lourdes Parish, Anam and described Mrs Nnachor as a good woman worthy of emulation.
"We have a good number of the members of our organisation today because Ezinne Maria Nnachor was good to everyone. God will grant her family the fortitude to bear her sudden departure and we pray that her soul will rest in perfect peace."

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