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There should be limits to twisting stories of insecurity in Anambra

By Paul Nwosu

ANYBODY who lives in Anambra State will bear witness to the fact that the sophisticated security infrastructure put in place by Governor Charles ChukwumaSoludo (CFR) has been at work putting the criminals in State on their heels. The paradoxical dimension unfortunately is that some social media blacklegs rather than acknowledge this have continued to turn the many success stories on their head.

  Joint Task Force on Security (JTF) recently uncovered the idolatrous camp of the so-called “Unknown” Gunmen in Nkwelle-Ezunaka town, near Onitsha. The camp was raided and arrests were made. The shrines and idols from where they purport to derive the powers of their criminal invincibility were all burnt down.

  In the heat of the success story, there was a tragic tanker accident at Umunya Junction, Enugu-Onitsha expressway that made many motorists and commuters to avoid the expressway by trying to find alternative routes of escape through Nkwelle Junction by the same expressway, or Aguleri road and New Parts via Nkpor.

The social media adversaries of the government’s efforts shamelessly twisted the story to read that the motorists who were avoiding the tanker accident’s blockage of the expressway were running from the attacks of armed robbers and ill-assorted hoodlums!.

Nothing of course could be further from the truth. There were no armed robbery attacks at the time.

  Instead of celebrating the decimation of the unknown gunmen camp in Nkwelle-Ezunaka, the hired goons on social media manufactured the fake news of imaginary armed robbery attacks and kidnapping.

It is obvious that these hacks are working exceedingly hard to thwart Governor Soludo’s spirited effort that is fast turning Anambra State into a peaceful and prosperous destination point.

  Governor Soludo has advised the miscreants to stop exaggerating the state of insecurity in Anambra. He pointedly accused the opposition camp of going about undermining the superlative achievements of the Joint Task Force on Security (JTF) in the state. This is a ploy to stop Igbo illustrious sons from coming to develop Anambra.

  The truth is that politicking ought to have ended, and the development of Anambra State should be the concern of all men and women of goodwill who have the interest of ndi Anambra at heart.

  The evil tactics of twisting the government’s great efforts on tackling insecurity should stop for the good of the state that stands out as the Light of the Nation.

  Spreading fear among our people is an ill-wind that will blow no one any good. It will only embolden the criminals and enemies of our people.

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