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Ebonyi celebrates Umahi’s 60th birthday, ministerial appointment


From  Adaeze Onuora Aroh, Abakaliki


Ebonyi State Government has celebrated Distinguished Senator and minister designate, David Umahi on his  60th birthday anniversary and new appointment as a minister given to him by the President Bola Tinubu

The former governor had a few days ago marked his diamond birthday  and was celebrated by the governor of Ebonyi State, Francis Nwifuru and the entire Ebonyi State government 

Speaking during the event at the Presidential Lodge, Government House, Ochudo Centenary City, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, on Thursday, Governor Nwifuru underscored many remarkable and outstanding characteristics of Senator Umah;, how they met and how detribalised he is. He commended the former  governor for his many successful feats and congratulated him on his birthday and his new appointment by the President of Nigeria as a minister.

According to Governor Nwifuru:“We are excited to welcome you to your abode. I never knew there are a lot of difficulties in wearing these shoes. 

“The journey so far is turbulent but we are aware that with you on our side, we will make it possible. 

“Also, we are proud to tell the world who you are; we are proud because you lifted the face of Ebonyi State. You did not only build infrastructure in the state, you built human beings. 

“This celebration is unique in the sense that it is accompanied by lots of goodies. The almighty ministerial list has been availed and it has your name there. You have many things going for you - you are exposed, you are intelligent”. 

The governor noted many significant roles of Senator Umahi in his life dating from 2007 to the present and explained that his life story cannot be completed without Senator Umahi being prominently mentioned. 

“There is no way you can write about me without having the name “David Umahi” in the center stage. My gratitude is not what my mouth will just be saying; it's something you show in action"

In response, the minister nominee remarked that it's not the first time the governor is honoring him publicly. He further noted that Governor Nwifuru is an honest Man. “One thing you cannot take away from him is that he cannot tell you a lie; it's like a lion giving birth to a lion”. 

He commended Governor Nwifuru for his roles during his time as governor, explaining that Governor Nwifuru was an integral part of his administration. “Without Nwifuru, I would not have achieved what I achieved during my time. David Umahi is in Governor Nwifuru now.

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