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Scam Alert: Oyo Vows To Prosecute Anyone Behind Fraudulent List Of ‘Recruited’ Teachers


The Oyo State Government has vowed to prosecute those it referred to as “undesirable elements” that engage in recruitment fraud with the express purpose of defrauding the general public.

 A fictitious list that has been making the rounds on social media claims that the State Universal Basic Education (UBE) Board has started the hiring process.

In a statement issued on Wednesday April 19, by the Board Chairman, Nureni Adeniran asked the public to exercise caution and avoid doing business with con artists posing as recruitment representatives for the UBE.

According to him, management had started looking for people responsible for the fraudulent recruitment and had vowed to turn them in if they were apprehended.

 He said, “On repeated occasions, we have cautioned the general public to be vigilant and circumspect not to deal with scammers who pose as recruitment agents or staff members of OYOSUBEB.

“They collect huge sums of money from unsuspecting victims with the promise to provide them employment at OYOSUBEB.

“Today April 19, we saw a list of names published by some fraudulent people, claiming those are the people invited for the OYOSUBEB job interview. On the list, their interview was scheduled for Tuesday, April 18, and Wednesday, April 19, 2023, at an unknown venue.

“We are on it and anyone caught disseminating this kind of information will be dealt with, according to the law.

“When OYOSUBEB plans to expand its workforce and seek to recruit competent hands to carry out the task of improving the state’s education sector, the public can rest assured that we would follow appropriate channels and processes in doing so.


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