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My Business Now Is To Kill People, Govt Pay Me To Look For Bad People And Kill - Asari Dokubo


Alhaji Asari Mujahid Dokubo, a well known traditional title holder in Rivers state's Kalabari kingdom, has come out to say that he is into the business of "killing people".

According to Mr. Dokubo who spoke in a live stream session held on his social media platform, he said the government pays him to kill criminals or corrupt individuals and there is no illegality in doing that.

In his own words as seen on his Facebook live stream this morning...

"Right now my business is to kill people. That's what I do, the government pays me, I look for bad people and kill them, that's my business. I ran a private military company, I don't go and kill any arranged person so if ESN comes to kill innocent people and brag about it, I go there and I kill them. When people who are state actors, who are supposed to do their duties are trying to compromise, I go there and I kill them. It's legal, very legal. There is no illegality in it."

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