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No Bakassi Boys in Anambra – Adinuba

CONTRARY to rumours making the round on social media, Anambra State government has explained that no group known as Bakassi Boys or any other extra-judicial security outfit is presently operating in any community in the 21 local government areas of the state.

   Government dismissed the reports in a press release issued in Awka by Anambra State Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment, Mr. C-Don Adinuba, yesterday.

   Tracing the rumour to a video made by an unidentified amateur video photographer, Adinuba described it as a piece of mischief calculated to mislead ndi Anambra.

   “An unidentified amateur video photographer has made a video claiming that the controversial security outfit known as Bakassi Boys, which was two decades ago used in Abia and Anambra states when the two neighbouring states were almost overrun by violent criminals, is back, this time in Awka, the Anambra State capital.

 The video quickly went viral because of its sensational appeal. A section of even the mainstream media has publicised the video, thus giving it a veneer of credibility. The Anambra State Government would like to assure all ndi Anambra that the Bakassi Boys security outfit is not in Anambra State, and will not be used again in the state.

 Anambra State remains the safest state in the country, despite the eight security breaches of the past few months which received enormous publicity. The people and Government of Anambra State are proud of the record of security agencies in the state which have substantially overcome the challenges of the last few months,” the statement reads in part.

 Speaking further, the commissioner blamed the section of media that went to town with the report without investigating its veracity by making enquiries from relevant agencies of government.

   Adinuba also said that the video easily lends itself to doubt through its excessive reliance on doctored memes and photo shopping.

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