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“A Goat Is Better Than A Man Who Beats His Wife” – Apostle Suleman

Clergyman, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has described men who beat a woman as animals.

  While speaking in his church recently, the clergyman said;

 ''Any man that beats his wife is destroying the future marriage of his sons. When you beat your wife, you are teaching your son that women deserve to be beaten. They will repeat the same thing.

 The highest level of weakness is for a man to beat a woman. He is saying he has failed in maturity, he has lost his manhood. In fact he is un-man. To lift your hand and hit a woman, you have failed in dialogue, you have failed in maturity, you have failed in emotional restriction. It is an exhibition of failure. Inability to contain yourself. An animal is better than you.

 Animals don't beat their spouse. Any man that beats a woman is less than an animal. A goat is better than you.

 You are not beating your wife because you are angry. You are beating your wife because you are stupid. You are beating your wife because you feel nobody can beat you. Has a policeman not stopped you before and asked you to come down and lie down? Why didn't you beat him?"

  For men who say they were angry and couldn't control themselves, the clergyman told them

 "For me to believe you can't control yourself, just get angry and enter a barrack

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