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Bear kills, eats 16-year-old boy in Russian national park


Adult tourist survives after stabbing the beast in the neck with a penknife and then playing dead

 A brown bear has eaten and killed a 16-year-old boy at a Russian national park .

 The bear attacked the boy at the Ergaki National Park in the Sayan Mountains before it was stabbed in the neck with a penknife by a tourist who was also attacked by the predator.

 The beast half ate the teenager, floored the tourist and lunged at another when they went in search of the missing boy. 

 The bear acted as if it was dead after being stabbed before it was later shot and killed.

When the tourist stabbed the bear with the pocket knife, his companion then fled back to camp where they raised an alarm. 

Inspectors at the Park then rushed to the scene where they found the bear lying on the devoured remains of the teenager over 500 yards.

 After shooting and wounding the wild bear, the animal then fled.

 Early the next morning they tracked and killed the animal.

 'After hours of tracking, the man-eating bear was killed by the park staff,' said a statement from the national park.

 The male tourist suffered scratches, cuts and bruises from his fight with the bear.

 The boy was working as a sherpa for the holiday group when he was attacked and killed at around 11am on Monday, June 21.

 The two men were confronted by the bear nine hours later when they left their tents to check for the missing teenager.

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