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Nyako dumps ADC, rejoins APC


After reconciliatory talks between the APC and the ADC, Mr Nyako and other politicians decided to rejoin their former party.


Following a series of meetings and consultations, former Adamawa senator, Abdul’Aziz Nyako, and other members and politicians of the African Democratic Congress (ADC) have finally dumped the party to return back to the All Progressives Congress (APC).


Speaking to journalists, Mr Nyako said after reconciliatory talks between the APC leadership and officials and other leaders of the African Democratic Congress (ADC), ‘’we have resolved to rejoin our former party, APC.”


“The development followed a high powered meeting between stakeholders of the African Democratic Congress (ADC) and their All Progressives Congress (APC) here in Adamawa.


‘’We saw commitment in the leadership and delegation of APC, so we resolved to go back to our former fold, APC.


‘’The state leadership of the party, ADC, will communicate this resolution to the national headquarters as soon as possible,’’ he said.


Mr Nyako who came third in the last senatorial elections was emphatic that ADC Adamawa has created an enabling political environment for the PDP-led government in Adamawa to govern in peace, “but they seem to be keener on politicking rather than leadership.”


“They created a storm in a teacup with nothing at stake and blew it out of proportions for propaganda purposes.


“Why heat up the polity and waste resources unnecessarily at this time when there is nothing politically at stake until 2022-2023 rather than focusing on the needs of our people?


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