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Christmas: Bishop Ezeokafor urges reconciliation, love


.Tasks FG on inflation, insecurity

By Rose Oranye


Catholic bishop of Awka Diocese, Paulinus Ezeokafor has identified reconciliation with God and humanity as the ideal way to celebrate Christmas.


  Most Rev. Dr Ezeokafor who disclosed this while delivering his Christmas message  at St. Patrick's Catholic Cathedral, Awka, yesterday, equally said that showing love and alms-giving were important, even as he thanked God for sparing the living  to celebrate this year's Christmas and New Year, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.


 According to him, "we are celebrating the love of God for us. It is natural for reconciliation to happen in earthly families when there is a new birth.

"Our celebration will be spiritual and material. In the spiritual side, we reconcile our hearts with God. In the physical part, we reconcile with our neighbours. And also we need to share what we have. If I love you, I’ll do all I can to make you comfortable. The lover always wants the best for the loved. And when you do this, the love will come back to you."


The  bishop decried the rising rate of inflation  in the country and urged  government to work towards checking the free fall of naira against dollar and ensure that people are able to buy what they want with the little money they have.”


He stressed the need for the nation to take agriculture more   seriously and seek other ways to diversify the economy as dependence on crude oil is no longer healthy for the nation in the face of  the new technology driven global economy.

" Our mono economy dependent on oil is not helping matters. The price of oil has gone down. Developing countries are also developing vehicles that are independent of crude oil. This country should be planning alternatives to oil based economy as it is heading to extinction. If we do not make hay while the sun shines, we are going no where.


 "New technologies are coming and we need to do everything we can to keep our country relevant. We know there are other natural resources in the country but unfortunately it is being used for just a section of the nation. This is not fair," he said.


  Ezeokafor further observed that Nigerians  are not comfortable with the security situation in the country and  urged the government to urgently do something about it.

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