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By Rose Oranye

He is a  'mad man'

So mad but so great

Mingles with the high and low 

All you need is meet him

Place him? You won't know where

But his madness you must like 

Set out to fight any time or day 

Accumulated anger boiling in your heart

Meet him by chance with swords drawn

How it happens you won't know 

In  a lighter mood you'll be 

Drinking with your supposed foe

Talking his 'mad man' talk anytime 

Frayed nerves get to relax

Too many gaps come to bridge

Different classes come to level

Sworn enemies turn to lovers

Beautiful pieces come to birth

That's the cerebral  mad man for you 

His name is Uzor Maxim Uzoatu

Some call him Boroja

The genius bow for him

Friends and foes respect him 

He's good at what he does

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