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UK Lawmaker Kicks Against Barring Nigerians From Bringing Dependants While on Masters Program


A UK lawmaker has kicked against Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, barring Nigerians and other international students from bringing their families while on a Masters program.

 The lawmaker who spoke extensively on the contribution of international students to the UK economy, said the Home Secretary, Suella Braverman’s new policy is misjudged. She warned that these international students will go elsewhere and the country will suffer the consequences. 

She asked what Braverman would do to counter the shock this policy will have on UK universities and in their economy in general. The lawmaker also pointed out that these international students go on to contribute positively to the UK economy with their career in all sectors in the country.

The Scottish Member of Parliament added that international students are not the cause of immigration issues the country is facing but have only been caught in the crossfire. She also said that these international students bring their families because they want to go through the schooling experience with them.




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