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Kano Hisbah bans n*de pictures on Tricycles

 The Kano State Hisbah Board has banned tricycle riders in the state from pasting posters of people or objects that promote nudity and bad acts. 

 According to Hisbah, such posters are against the teachings of Islam.

The Commander General of the board, Sheikh Harun Ibn-Sina, disclosed this while addressing newsmen in his office, warning that tricycle riders should avoid any act of indiscipline that goes contrary to the norms, values and teachings of Islam.

 “It has come to our notice that the tricycle riders are committing three major offences which are against our norms and values as Muslims. They play music so high that even those outside are disturbed. They also place pictures that are not good looking; some even expose nudity on their vehicles, and lastly, they dress in a bad manner although they carry women.

These attitudes are very bad and against the teachings of Islam. We are saying this as a warning to call their attention. But if they don’t stop, we will begin to take action. We won’t allow this to continue in Kano. So, they should fear Allah and stop it.”he said

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