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New Road Projects: Soludo Silences Detractors, Shows Leadership Direction


By Chuka Nnabuife| _National Light_ 

 *IN THE last couple of days, the rains have ebbed. Expectedly, rather, as the governor of Anambra State had promised, work has began on roads across the state* . 

During the very long period of heavy rains, potholes, ditches, scalps,  rough terrain and even 'manholes' marked the roads in the state. The situation was more worrisome in some parts of the state. Where flood did not just overflow passage ways, gully erosion cut through roads or dug gorges overnight. 

The situation was horrible. Even as most of the roads had become very hostile for traffic well before Anambra State had a new government on March 17, 2022, it was common to hear people cry on the streets and the media against the current government. Some were even hysterical. While detractors plumbed every duct to manipulate the development and malign the state. Slapstick comic wannabes and ammarture creators of parodies sprang up in couples, and did their utmost to gain the system.

Amid all that, the governor of Anambra State, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, said he will tackle the problem of poor roads once the rainy season ends. Even when detractors raised their tempo of yells, the governor sustained his stance given that standard practice negates doing roads under the rains because no road engaged under such condition survives.

 It is now worth noting that just within days of cessation of rains the state has embarked on a plethora of road repairs and construction of new roads. Beyond these underscoring the commitment of Gov. Soludo to fulfilling his promises, they justify the value of patience.

As the frantic work continue, those who sought to distract ndi Anambra by giving the impression that things are going out of hand whilst the situation is opposite should bite the humble pie and retrace their paths else they would be as guilty as those who the Holy Bible identified as deceivers of innocent children whose deserve God's wrath and punishment of having their hands and legs tied to heavy stones and thrown into the sea.

It is instructive that along with the resurgence of work are such routes that can be be described as 'legacies of abandoned road projects' such as the Amansea-Ebenebe-Awba Ofemili road which has dogged governments since the early 1990s.

Beyond making access to huge rice and cassava farming areas in Anambra Central and Anambra North areas the route drastically, cuts the northern axis of Enugu State as well as the North Central zone of Nigeria from Awka the capital of Anambra State.

Legacy roads of similar economic and social values in such parts of Anambra as Aguata, Nnewi, Onitsha and Ogbaru areas are in the new constructions and infrastructure repairs.

Viewed holistically, what the new projects establish is a new government in Anambra State with a clear assurance and operational direction on how to continue progressively from the legacies of the past to launch the people into a brighter future. Soludo, through those new projects connect to his predecessors.

The development also show prudence in spending because a government that is not mindful of getting good value for the people's money would have begun the rash of works during the heavy rains. The fact that there was a deluge of bad blood and lies in social media would have been enough alibi but by maintaining his stance that the right thing should be done, and waiting for the then ceaseless outpour of nature, Gov. Soludo showed rare guts and knowledge of the right direction.

The commencement of work, promptly, once the rains took a recess shows preparedness and high sense of commitment to keeping promises by government.

Again, anyone who has followed the governor to the sites of the new projects would have noticed the direct involvement of the members of the benefiting communities. The governor would directly ask them questions about the project and listen to them as they present their views. This approach brings the populace deeply into the initiative and makes them own it irrespective of what detractors would prod them to do. 

Not many governments dare take the approach of getting the people into their projects in that manner.

However, notwithstanding the fact that this development present Soludo as a bold visionary and trustworthy leader with a penchant for prudence with public purse, the most salient point to take away from it is that ndi Anambra need to be patient with him because the solution he promised will come, only when they tarry a while and encourage him. 

Moreso, events are exposing the ignoble intentions of detractors because when a divine mission sets sail, it is bound to anchor at its shore not where mere mortals wish to divert the vessel.

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