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Nigerians are still reluctant to report corruption – FG


The Federal Government has said that Nigerians are still reluctant to report corrupt practices to relevant agencies. 

 Speaking at the public presentation of the report of a survey on five years of whistle-blowing policy in Nigeria carried out by the African Centre for Media and Information Literacy, Executive Secretary, Presidential Advisory Committee on Anti-Corruption, Sadiq Raddah stated that this is because many are afraid to die even for a good cause. 

Raddah who urged such individuals not to be afraid, however asked them not to be careless. He said;

 “Since the idea of whistleblowing began, we have realised some problems by people who want to blow the whistle.

“Yes, it is good to be afraid but if you become captive of fear and you want to be righteous, you end up being a captive without delivering.

”I have always said we must be willing to pay the price for doing what is good, including losing our lives.

“I have said several times that nobody wants to die but it is not bad to die while trying to pursue what is good. So people who want to blow the party history across the country, please try not to be afraid but indeed don’t be careless.

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