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Medical Tourism: America, Europe Fibroid Patients Trooping To Nigeria for Surgeries and Medicare


SaveALife Mission Hospital is an ISO-Certified group of hospitals with over 500 bed strength, fully equipped for multi-specialty procedures including: IVF/ICSI Fertility Treatment, Laparoscopy, Knee/Hip Replacement, Laser Cataract and Prostate surgeries, Liver transplant etc..

Our Operating Philosophy: To reverse medical tourism towards Africa through provision of unparallel world class health care services.


The hospital is equipped with air treatment plants and chiller modular systems to ensure zero percent hospital acquired infection status. We are the first in Africa to initiate the use of disposable materials/ lining in all our surgical procedures (zero tolerance for infection)


They offer technology aided diagnostic and treatment equipment that diagnose and treat most misdiagnosed and poorly managed cases. Our endoscopy and laparoscopy procedures ensures average hospital stay of 24-72 hours after surgeries.


They have over 500 bed strength, fully equipped for multispecialty procedures including: IVF/ICSI Fertility treatment, Laparoscopy, knee/ hip replacement, Laser cataract and prostate surgeries, liver transplants etc.


To make Nigeria a global healthcare destination through provision of world-class healthcare services powered by superior technology in medicine.

Can We Be Proud Of This Country For Once?

 Kudos To Save a life hospital and Nigeria Doctors!  See photos below...

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