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Election, killings… courage, fear not, Anambra


By Chuka Nnabuife

IT IS now obvious that the devil is not only nigh but here. Less than one month to the November 6, 2021 gubernatorial election in Anambra State, there is an unprecedented level of killings, arson and simulated confusion in some parts of the state. It is such that yesterday, the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice of the Federation, Abubakar Malami disclosed that the Federal Government was pondering a state-of-emergency just to ensure that the election holds.


  Last Tuesday, Chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) had alerted that if the on-going violence in Anambra is not arrested, the November election may not hold.


  The manner of bloodletting is such that there may be no befitting description of it than ‘arrant craze’ and unprecedented. With recent developments, the handwriting on the wall is becoming clear.  Some unseen agents of darkness are keen on turning the land into a killing field because they crave to take power at all cost.


  The saga is not just very crazy but nauseating in its disingenuousness and headlessness. Sadly, the perpetrators are showing signs of dastard boldness with every new act. They are braen to the extent of not appearing to mind if they are living links to unveiling the thin hoods that cover their identities. With every new event the hands behind the scheme become increasingly undisguised to the extent that even a fool can boast of being wiser than the perpetrators in the art of, at least, hide-and-seek..


  Hiding ineffectively under the anonymity of the ‘unknown gunmen’ phenomenon, the perverts who implement the killings hit at targets with the clear goal of putting fear in the minds of Anambra people, to make them afraid of participating in the November 6 poll.


  Even as they make their heinous actions appear like the handiwork of some rebellous agents of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPoB), their decoy always fell short of smartness. They always leave traces that defeat their cause and reveal their larger plot.


  At the scene of the beheading of a man penultimate week in Eke Nkpor of Nkpor town of the Idemili North, Local Government Area (LGA) of Anambra State, a note was left like a local mafia would in an attack site. The note states: “No Election in Anambra State. De Return of Unknown Gunmen”


  Without holding brief for the banned radical body,  one would ask: how would the holding of Anambra election really hurt the course of say IPoB, if somebody wanted to hide under the cover of the body in the development? So why would they really do it?


  Same day, the septuagenarian Enugu-based physician and husband of the late Nigerian amazon, Prof. Dora Akunyili, Dr. Chike kunyili, was shot and killed in Umuoji, a town near Nkpor, in the same local council.


  Next day, a cop was killed in an Ajalli Police Station at Orumba North Local council at about the same time the convoy of Peoples Democratic Party’s Federal House of Representatives member, Chris Azubuogu (PDP, Nnewi) was attacked at Nnobi in Idemili South LGA. A man, reported to be his driver, was killed. One wonders how those operations also help the pro-Biafra quest of IPoB too.


  Since then, several scary social media messages have emerged, warning politicians, political parties and candidates running for the November 6 election, to shun campaigns or be subjects of attacks. While issuing the messages some diversionary lines like the ones urging against display of Nigerian flags are ploughed into it to make the uninformed think it is about sepertaist’s agitations. They even mde driving or commuting in vehicles with government’s number plates become sacrilagious and punishable by death. But a probe of the messages show that the main object of interest in the whole game is the November 6 election.

People have been and are still being fed a lot of threats, all to deter them from from participating in the on-going campaign activities nd the poll. The dispatch of threats is of such magnitude that the streets are steepped in fear. Last Thursday, for example, a body as frontline and influential as the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ) organised a ‘manifestoes debate’ event for all the gubernatorial candidates of the political parties at the popular, Oma Events Centre, opposite Dr. Alex Ekwueme Square, Awka.


Journalists from all the media houses in Anambra along with about half a dozen others from the South-East zonal capital, Enugu were there but neither the candidate nor their supporters showed up. No candidate or politician also showed up last Tuesday when the Anambra state council of the Nigerian Union of Pensioners collaborated with National Light newspapers to host townhall session with the candidates despite earlier assurances. The operators of the rot want to scare everyone in the land to the marrow to the level of disenchantment with the election but particularly they aspire to bully and frighten their opponents to abdicate.  


  Most conspicuous is the fact that the attacked targets have, so far, been pro-All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) or pro-PDP persons.

In March, the country home of APGA gubernatorial candidate, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo was attacked by gunmen while he was having a political session.


  It is of such wave that last Friday, the campaign team of PDP’s candidate Val Ozigbo hinted that the killings may a suspension of  his rallies.


  The posers are: who and who are afraid of the upcoming election in Anambra, for what gain?


  Who are the blood-thirsty, trigger-happy and extremely power-hungry persons behind the mayhem and why would they not mind killing everybody to get what they want?


  Should they shoot their way to their prize, who would they govern if they shoot everyone down to get there? How sane would the state during their anticipated reign, if they shoot their way to government house?


  It therefore, very important for IPoB or any other force being trumped up in the killings to come out and clearly dissociate themselves from them because, definitely the land will remember the bad eggs tomorrow. Should it be some merchandising politicians that are behind this orgy of blood, the people would, some day, pay them in their coin.


  With what has happened since day before yesterday, there is no point asking whether the scheme is to destabilise Anambra and force a state-of-emergency or create a chance for citizens to stay away from the polls so that the political merchants who are in the books of the powers that be would manipulate the election’s results.


  If that is the game, is it then out of order to ask if INEC is sufficiently affronted or motivated to shame the devil.


  In all, what do the plotmen want to be the fate of Anambra and her people after November 6, better or worse?


  Well, it is up to Anambra people, now, to extricte themselves from the enclosing cloud of doom which the agents of devil are csting on them. The people must fight and refuse to be cowed or dominated by odious gangsters working for illicit political laurels.


  Indeed, they must resist the coming of the worst, especially now that it appear that the scary prophecy of one Pentecostal clergyman, Rev. Eliyah Solomon Emeka, of the Aba, Abia State, based Throne of Eliyah’s Ministry International in the first quarter of this year is becoming manifest. Anambra people must join him in his prayer that the evil people he saw in his dream are intercepted and eliminated by divine forces before they wreck more havoc on the land.


  The Senior Pastor of the ministry’s message is hereunder served in his language (as he gave it during his Prophecy Time of 30th March, 2021):


 Anambra is going to have a lot of problems. It is going to be massacre.


  Anambra will butcher themselves.


  From this holy season, Easter. They will kidnap themselves, they will kill themselves! They will kidnap themselves, they will kill themselves!


  They will kill people anyhow before the election, before the election.


  It’s going to be rough — very, very rough!


  We need to pray for Anambra people.Anambra State in Nigeria. They will be killing themselves. It will look like it is Fulani herdsmen but it is political battle.


 They’ll kidnap people, they will never come back.


  Is it Fulani herdsmen?




  It’s political opponents. And they have start it now. It is already there, spiritual.


  I am seeing them disguising themselves, wearing clothes like Hausas, Fulani but they are not Fulani. They are fellow Anambrans. Because of political position.


  It’s gone. It’s gone!


  I am praying that God will save the lives of the State of Anambra. I am praying. 2021 is not going to be funny in Anambra. I am seeing blood and I’m praying that God will expose bloodshed agents, blood suckers in Anambra State. .. In the name of Jesus Christ.


Those were Rev. E.S. Emeka exact words.


  It looks like he saw a clear vision. But the big hope is in the prayer for the agents of doom to fail which he accompanied his now viral prophecy with.


  Well-meaning Anambra people must collectively and resolutely rise against this emerging tumor before it turns cancerous but to achieve that they must expunge fear and take their land or it will be snatched from them.


  There is “nothing to fear but fear itself,” Winston Churchill told a freightened Europe of the World War II and the entire Europe and her American allies rose to win mauruding Germany in the historic war.


   Ndi Anambra, courage, fear not, you will win eventually!


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