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28-year-old woman kills man over love affair

A 28-year-old woman in Illinois shot and killed a man in a bizarre love triangle dispute, according to authorities.

 Claudia Resendiz-Florez was staying with two friends—James Jones and his girlfriend—at their home in the city of Rolling Meadows when the incident unfolded on Thursday night, October 14, The Chicago Sun-Times reports.

Prosecutors in Cook County said that the trio were having a drink together when Resendiz-Florez allegedly asked Jones for a kiss. Jones declined because he had a girlfriend who was sitting right next to him. He then kissed his girlfriend in front of Resendiz-Florez, prompting an envious Resendiz-Florez to ask the girlfriend for a kiss, prosecutors said during a bond hearing. She declined too.

 When Jones once again refused to kiss her, an enraged Resendiz-Florez grabbed his gun that he had tucked between two couch cushions and aimed it at him, prosecutors said.

 Jones tried to push Resendiz-Florez’s arm down as she pulled the safety off and put her finger on the trigger but the gun went off, striking Jones once in the chest.

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