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Nigeria May Collapse Over Nnamdi Kanu's Arrest, Mbaka Warns


Mbaka also warned Nigerian leaders to do the needful, else there would be a revolution that the leaders will not be able to withstand.

 Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministries, Enugu, Fr Ejike Mbaka has reacted to the arrest of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu.

 On Tuesday, it was reported that Kanu was arrested in another country and taken to the Federal High Court, Abuja by heavy security operatives.

Kanu was blindfolded and sneaked into the courtroom by operatives of the Department of State Services (DSS) in handcuffs while his legs were also chained.

 The Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami (SAN), on Tuesday announced that Kanu was intercepted by operatives of Nigeria's security intelligence.

 Reacting during a sermon, Mbaka prayed that 'his people' locked up in prison be released. The cleric also cited the case of Joseph in the Bible who was locked up in prison but was rather favoured by the prison wardens.

 Mbaka also warned Nigerian leaders to do the needful, else there would be a revolution that the leaders will not be able to withstand.

 He also said Nigerians have normalised suffering, which ought not to be because the country is blessed. He, however, noted that the citizens are experiencing suffering as a result of wickedness from those in government.

 He said, ”The God in him will be in the jail with him because he says when you are suffering, I am also suffering, he says when you are afflicted, God is also afflicted, a place where the state prisoners were confined, he was there in the prison, lift your hands, we minister to all the prisons in the universe, especially in our country where our people are, we minister speedy release.

 “Do you know when Jesus was in the prison, a prison in the grave, they killed him and put him inside the grave, everybody thought it was all over? The end has come in the eyes of many but look at what the Bible says in Gen 39:21, but the Lord was with Joseph, anybody that you have in heart now and is in prison, may the Lord be with that person.

 “The Lord was with Joseph and showed him mercy, may the Lord show our people mercy and loving-kindness and gave him a favour, may they receive favour, may the Lord give my people a favour.

 “The prison warden didn't pay any attention to the charges laid against Joseph for God was with him and he made whatever he did to prosper. Do you know someone can be in prison and his business is prospering elsewhere?

 “That is going to happen because of the power of favour. And the Bible says the remnant of Jacob shall be in the midst of many people...God will hear us. The downfall of a man is not his end. My enemies, do not mock me because I shall arise.

“My enemies, do not laugh at me because God is about to do something. When the Israelites were in bondage in the land of Egypt, because of them, a lot of catastrophes started happening.

 “That was how they carried the man Joseph and put him in the pit, did the end come? No. One day the king had a dream and only Joseph could interpret it.

 “Each time I speak, I am being misunderstood but if our leaders will not be careful and do what they need to do to put Nigeria on a good platform, one day this country will collapse.

 “If they don't do what they should do and the youths are suffering and they don't provide jobs and the leaders are busy amassing wealth, keeping money for themselves and millions of Nigerian youths are watching them, a time is coming when what we are experiencing now will just be a skit.

 “The generation of now are delivering children and their children are coming up, very soon, by the time the children are grown, they may not tolerate this nonsense because there is no country in the world that is as blessed as Nigeria yet our leaders are not ready to use the resources to take care of the children in this country.

 *Suffering has become part of our history but it will not continue like this forever. Everybody cannot be dumb at the same time, our suffering is very unnecessary, there is no reason why we should be suffering what we are suffering now apart from wickedness emanating from the portals of leadership.

 “There was no kidnapping in Nigeria, there was no banditry, hooliganism was at a miniature level. I knew when we were growing up, you can hardly hear that someone stole something. At that time, leadership was not to make money. There is no reason why this kind of trouble will be in a country blessed by God in this nature.

 “I am seeing a time if the priests and men of God don't speak up, a time will come when we will be hearing that Bishop ABCD is arrested and cuffed and Priest will not talk. A time is coming when children of God will not have faith in their men of God, when you tell them 'the Lord bless you', they say 'forget it'.

 “That time is coming when if we cannot speak for them now, they will not speak for us. That time is coming when offering baskets will suffer hunger because children of God will lose hope in their men and women of God.

 “If the men of God will not rise up and speak consistently for our youth, as I said, what we are experiencing now is nothing.

 “So, all those who are preparing for 2023 and seeing it as a time to launder wealth, money that should be used to develop the city, they had better stop.

 “Anytime I speak about job provision, they begin to blackmail me, they don't know I am on earth for a mission, I shall be the hand for those who have no hands, I shall be the leg for those who have no legs, I shall be the voice for those who are voiceless, even when I want to keep quiet, I cannot because the Holy Spirit is using me.

 “Again, let our leaders do the needful because when the major catastrophe happens in the future, they will not be exempted. If they like, let them jail everybody, that is not the solution, let them feel the pains in the eyes of teeming Nigerians. Go to the north, people are suffering yet a few are millions in Dollars, the same with other parts of the country.

 “Intimidation will not solve the problem. I know that the real people who should be in prison are those arresting people and locking them up. I know that after this message, they will invite me again.

 “They are gradually succeeding in their gimmicks and tricks to make sure men of God are silent. Look at our medical experts, hot brains graduating from medical school, where do they work? Where are the facilities, how much does it cost? When they are sick, they fly out but when we are sick we are supposed to die here. Arrest is not the solution, there is agitation in the land. Let the leaders listen. Their stubbornness will one day crumble this nation. It is not about referendum.”

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