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For larger acceptance of family planning, engage decision makers – Nnabuife tells health workers

By Rose Oranye


MANAGING Director and Chief Executive Officer, Anambra Newspapers and Printing Corporation (ANPC), publishers of National Light, Ka O Di Taa and SportslightXtra Newspapers, Chuka Nnabuife, has stressed the need to target decision makers in the state for more women of reproductive age to have full access to family planning.


  Sir Nnabuife, who  made this known at a one- day media roundtable on family planning, with theme, ‘ Improving Access  to Family Planning Services Among Women of Reproductive Age in Anambra State’, organised by Development Communications Network (DEVcoms), in partnership with The Challenge Initiative (TCI) , held on Thursday, at Cihcotel Classique Hotel, Awka, Anambra State, observed that apart from husbands, the churches are known to preach against family planning and they wield great influence in the society.


He urged Anambra State Government to synergise with Civil Society Organisations, the media and good spirited individuals to ensure that women of reproductive age have full access to family planning, adding that although the government should create an enabling environment through which the healthcare centres and hospitals in the state will offer effective family planning approach by providing necessary logistics required, it cannot do everything.


   “In the concept of the social contract theory, “you owe the society as much as they owe you”. Nothing is as dangerous as a single narrative. You must hear all sides and consider all sides before you make an informed decision…. Don’t look at government facilities alone. Look at other cottage hospitals. Get the data of how many hospitals in the state and how many are offering FP services…’


“While talking of family planning, think of who makes the decisions… Commend the efforts of people.”


He maintained that the media have been chosen to play a leading role in family planning awareness while calling on them to strategise on the best way to make proper findings and communications to enhance family planning in the state.


Chairman, Anambra State Civil Society Network, Prince Chris Azor, in his remarks, explained that the security and welfare of the citizens remained the primary responsibility of government and  called for more collaborative environment between the state government and the private sector, as well as sustained partnership in providing amenities for the citizens.


“When people are made to pay where they are not supposed to pay, there are trust issues. … We don’t usually have all resources to operate. There should be sustained partnerships. If government don’t have enough, citizens can help.”


  He said well to do citizens should support health facilities in their communities in providing free FP services like they are doing with ASHIA to register some members of their communities in the health insurance scheme.

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