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Nigeria in distress: Time for the Nigerian factor


By Chuka Nnabuife


WE ARE in dire situation. That is an understatement. Our case is actually, worse. All through history, our land has never experienced a sustained daily deluge of bad news as she is encountering, currently. Unfortunately, there is no end insight.


    Not even during the 1967—1970 Civil War did we witness such a sequence of dastardly acts and scary stories in a dumb-founding pace.  In fact, bad tales are not fit description of the events of the moment all over Nigeria. Things have degenerated beyond everyone’s imagination. Even the most begorra-oriented prophet of doom could not have forecast the  current drift to doldrum.


We are all lost in wonder, fear and fervid tension. We now encounter bloodletting, arson, mass killing, kidnapping and their ilk. Yet the heartless populists and demagouges would not spare us a brething space.


Daily, they force the most damning forms of hate speeches and wicked communications on us in the most heart-rending manner. Every sentence in most comments we are served in Nigeria, especially, on issues of politics and cultural identity slices sharply like the slaughter’s knife slashing through a kill.


Quality of human life here rapidly drops in ‘per-second’ rate with every new action from the killers, kidnappers  and those who ‘speak daggers’ in open fora and public spaces as well as social and conventional media.

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