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Ada Jesus Predicted Her Death


It is sad to know that a young and talented comedienne Ada Jesus has recently passed after a reported case of cardiac arrest which took over her at an Abuja hospital where she has been receiving treatment.


The news of her death was Wednesday morning, broken by a family friend of Ada Jesus known as Harrison Gwamnishu via his Instagram page saying, " Rest in power" . The news of the demise of Mercy Cynthia Ada Jesus has been a shock to many, who during her birthday celebration seems to have been cheered up with a little hope of Ada Jesus getting better at the hospital where she had been receiving treatment.


Earlier last week, mixed reactions trailed the shocking news of Ada Jesus having a stroke, as many traced the cause of her sickness to the likely people she has offended, including some major spiritualists like Chi Marine Temple of Aba and Prophet Odumeje.


Many believed that if she could apologize to them, and they forgive her, then they would heal her as well. The majority of those people claimed she had offended forgave her, except actress Rita Edochie and Pastor Odumeje Indaboski, who reportedly took a long time to forgive her. And to prove his kind gesture, he offered a donation of 1 Million Naira to the family as support. The mother of the comedienne vowed to return the money to pastor Odumeje, an action which probably proved she believed in the report of her daughter being attacked by the controversial Prophet.


Following the demise of the late Cynthia Mercy Ada Jesus, many fans of the popular comedienne still dragged Pastor Odumeje for having a hand in the death of Ada Jesus.


However, aside from the doctor s report which showed that Ada Jesus suffered from a kidney disease, a video footage from the comedienne reveals how she had personally mentioned her own sickness and had even made predictions about her death. That happened when an argument ensued between her and her husband. There, she gave the real reason for refusing to tell her husband about her sickness.


We must be careful with what we say with our mouth, and people should also be careful of giving quick judgment when they have not actually discovered the truth.

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