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Why are women dying while Giving Birth in Nigeria?


Goals of the review

To raise awareness of the high maternal mortality burden in Nigeria particularly the high prevalence of maternal deaths in communities, where there has been no previous systematic attempt to ensure that maternal deaths that did not occur in a health facility were incorporated into any routine review or Maternal and Perinatal death Surveillance and Response (MPDSR).

To drive multi-stakeholder awareness, accountability and action for maternal deaths in Nigeria, particularly in communities through data collection.

To inform advocacy for the establishment of systems at all levels of government from national, state to local that will ensure accountability for maternal deaths and collaboration for solution.


Bauchi, Baylesa, Ebonyi, Kebbi, Lagos and Niger states acted as windows to the rest of their respective geopolitical zones in the review. The community monitoring of maternal deaths inquiry uncovered insights into the clinical and underlying causes of maternal deaths in communities in Nigeria.


Community leadership and state government – local government collaboration in facilitating community Maternal and Parental Death Surveillance and Response (MPDSR) should be institutionalized.


Guidelines and regulations for the operations of traditional birth attendants and other unskilled birth attendants should be enforced.

Primary health care should be revitilised for better maternal health care.

Health education and local media advocacy to increase awareness for better maternal health care pratices should be facilitated.

Human resources for health and patient –centredcare —with focus on health care workers – should be mobilized.

State government’s commitment and public – private partnership for better maternal health are vital. 



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