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Sex is overrated.. I hear people say this sometimes and I laugh heartily...

Worry Not. I know where its coming from. I've been there once, where I thought - What's the big deal with this Sex thing sef? Been there, Done that, It's not fantastic.

There was a time that I was so sexually suppressed that I could go months without sex. After all - What is there? That SHIT is overrated; I thought. Ladies and Gentlemen, I was labouring under A BIG LIE!!!... 

The TRUTH of the matter is that your ratings of sex can only be as good as your sexual experiences.... Period!! 

Some of us were lucky to be introduced to great pleasure from the get go, which helped build up an appetite, strong desire & liking for Sex. Most of us were not soo lucky.

Men talk a big game, but not many Men know what to do with a Woman in bed, or on a table,  in the shower, on the washing machine, in the car Somebody Stop me!!! Whooo...Unlike most Women, Men learn to pleasure themselves early enough in life and so they are great at arriving at their own pleasure. But the art of giving pleasure is one that requires great skill, attention and patience, the kind loads of men do not possess. 

Squirting is not for everyone... 

Not every woman can squirt.... 

ISSALRIGHT!!!! I championed this belief at some point too. At that point, I had experienced relatively good sex, yet never squirted.

I can tell you for free that your squirting abilities are often times only unleashed by the height of sexual climax you have experienced.

So you have experienced pleasure but you just haven't been pleasured to the extent of squirting. 

It's just like a shower head, depending on the water pressure, it could release water like a regular tap would or it could do so in a forceful spray. Listen to me ladies, do not let anyone lie to you. 

>Good Sex is as real as a Heart Attack... Women are cumming in da name of the Lord.

> Toe curling orgasms do not only occur in books. They are a thing. A real Big thing.

A Woman's clitoris can be as sensitive, erect and weaponised as a man's penis.Ladies, your clit has its own clitbeats to the point of palpitations just like your heart.

A woman's clit rings like an alarm clock alert for sex time so much so that we should be the ones pushing the "Polygamous in nature"narrative.

When it comes to enjoying Multiple Orgasms to the extent that your body is so inundated with pleasure that you tremble from your head to your toes, Men are learners.

That SHIT was made for women. 

We orgasm and pass out to sleep from way too much pleasure. 

Sexual Pleasure was made for women... Sex was made because of us, I tell you... When your body becomes accustomed to this kind of pleasure, you will crave sex with the ease with which you crave food and water. It's not true that Men naturally crave sex much more than we do, it's just that Female sexuality has been so downplayed, undermined and suppressed, unexplored for too long.

We are groomed to have no expectations of pleasure for ourselves but rather to work on giving pleasure to our men. 

Once a man we are having sex with hits orgasm, we give ourselves a pat on the back for a job well done. 

Our sexual gratification is in seeing our Men Cum. Then we tell ourselves, we are good in bed.We made him cum. YOU HAVE BEEN PUNKED!! Cos so does the freaking Vaseline bottle my dear. Your vagina doesn't have super powers because a man hit orgasm while in it. Its nothing fantastic that he hit orgasm. A man will climax regardless of your vagina. The vital question is; DID YOU??? 

Hell No!!!. We were not wired to be spectators to orgasmic experiences. Women are Orgasms Personified. Orgasms on 2 legs. We were wired to hit orgasms in the multiples before a man hits one. Your clitoris alone is home to over 8000 nerves begging to be pleasured. This is why whoever thought up the idea of circumcision emanated from the pit of hell.The whole agenda behind circumcision of girls is female sexual suppression, while circumcision for Men does the reverse. It heightens their ability to feel & enjoy sexual pleasure.Can you just imagine that. What they are taking away from the girl child via circumcision is irreplaceable.

It will never be well with those who still engage in this nonsense in this day. Women were built to incubate and enjoy soo much pleasure. 

Ladies! Own your sexuality. It's a thing of pride. Please don't buy into these old wife folk tales about sex accompanied by their faux moral, coy and ignorant spiritual innuendos. They are psychologically damaging and will affect your ability to enjoy sex.Do not attach yourself to selfish lovers. Make sexual satisfaction a standard on your list. You deserve it. 

Any partner with whom you share a sexual relationship, who doesn't care about your own sexual satisfaction is WICKED. If they don't bother to know whether or not you climaxed during sex, if they aren't interested in developing ways to please you, pleasure you and get you bursting with orgasms, they don't deserve you. Don't wait till a sexual parasite subdues all the erogenous zones in your body through pleasure starvation. Your partner should live to hear the rhythm of you moaning recklessly. They should rejoice at your body trembling from soo much pleasure. It should be an Adrenaline rush for them that you have completely lost yourself in the sexual pleasure they are unleashing in you that you are uttering "Nonsensities" uncontrollably...Your partner should Fvck you till you lose your home training. The memories of these pleasurable experiences, should stay with you soo strongly such that sometimes the mere thought of him would get your panties completely soaked all the way to your thighs. 

This is a man with whom you have GREAT SEXUAL CHEMISTRY.

Not many Men know how to POSSESS a woman in this manner. They spend time whining about freaking headship. Give GOOD HEAD naa..  whosaiii. How many men you know, will remain faithful to or remain in a relationship with a person with whom they have never experienced an orgasm. I know not 1.

Stop busying yourself counting body bags upandan, while you are in one relationship labouring under sexual frustration with a Wam Bam Thank You Ma'am somebody. This body belongs to you. Explore it. Orgasms are your ENTITLEMENT. IT IS YOUR RIGHT. Your Pleasure is with and within you. So  Pleasure yourself, Own Your Pleasure. Be in charge of it. If and When you choose a man to be with, make certain he is the type of man who is committed to bringing you pleasure too. Let them call you a WHORE, Yes ooo... OWN IT!!!. Any man who is incapable of unleashing your inner whore in the bedroom has no idea what to do with a woman in the first place. Nonsense & Decent Sex. Smiling silly knowing I need to "apologise" to a certain neighbour! Delaposh in the house 

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