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By Paul Nwankwo


Nollywood actress Onyi Odimegwu, advice ladies who are married not to leave their home no matter what. They should be more strong in building their home look after the children.


She continue……………..


This issue is all about the beating in marriages, relationships ... be strong... in marriage you see a lot of things... but what matters is how you handle it ... (ladies) woman are the Pillar that holds the house once the Pillar shift the house collapse... please lady’s try and make your marriage to work because is your duties to build a home... men try as much as you can to put your family first before any other thing... I don’t support any man that beats a woman... but in some certain cases we ladies are the cost of the beating and some men will rather leave the house without coming back for days in order to avoid beating her woman. Please lady’s try to hold your mouth know when to talk and when not to... silent is the best answer to some certain issues... this is my advice to both men and woman. ONYI-DELAPOSH in the house.. Don’t get it twisted I love you all..


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