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Gokada CEO Fahim Saleh Murdered

Fahim Saleh, founder and Chief Executive Officer of ride-hailing company, Gokada, has been found dead in his New York apartment.


His body was found on Manhattan’s Lower East Side on Tuesday.


Saleh, the son of Bangladeshi immigrants, started Gokada in Lagos State in 2018.


Saleh’s body was cut in pieces and scattered in different locations within his apartment.

Homicide detectives say his torso, head, limbs, and an electric saw were found in separate places within the apartment, adding that effort had been made to clean up any evidence of what had happened.


His dog, Laila, was, however, found alive in the apartment at 265, East Houston Street near Suffolk Street.


The 33-year-old technology entrepreneur was murdered by assailants, who scattered his body parts in different locations within the apartment.


Saleh’s sister made the gruesome discovery around 3:30pm when she went to check on him after not hearing from him for a day.


The saw that was used to kill him was still plugged into an electrical outlet when the police arrived, leading detectives to investigate whether the arrival of  Saleh’s sister at the condo might have interrupted the killing and prompted the killer to flee through another exit, the police said.


The official added that a surveillance camera had captured a video of Saleh in the building’s elevator with another person, who was wearing a black suit and black mask.


In the video, the elevator door opens and Saleh goes into the apartment while the masked person follows directly behind him, and the two immediately start to struggle.


The sister is seen on the video arriving a short time later. There is a second way out of the apartment through a service entrance.

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