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Nwakpadolu… generous, hard working Joseph, emerges in print


By Chuka Nnabuife

BOOKS preserve history. Well written books on great people preserve history and serve valuable nuggets of wisdom for people who want to be great. This is the edge biographies have in literary world. They tell tales, exhume history, communicate wisdom as much as folly while thrilling readers too.


From Plutrach to Niccolo Machiavelli, to Robert Green, William Shakespeare and other great writers who excel in weaving narratives out of the eventful lives and times of outstanding persons in history, one thing stands out – greatness and distinguished life is more of a good tale drawn out of the jaws of an old fate.


  The lives of great people are often dotted or blotted by debilitating vicissitudes that good writing turn into thrillers. But what marks out the tales is the eventual culmination of the stories success, victory and opening of vista for more feats.


  A new book on one of Igbo lands typical grass-to-grace figures, Sir Joseph C. Nwakpadolu presents the traits of rich tale, rich content and resourceful information served from cover to cover.


  The book entitled, ‘Sir Joseph Chimezie Nwakpadolu: His Vision and Achievements’ written by one of the world’s most prolific biographers of contemporary time, C.O.G, Oragu, captures notable developments in the life of the Septuagenerian captain of industry, Chief Nwakpadolu of Achina, Aguata Local Council, Chief Nwakpadolu of Achina, Aguata Local Council, Anambra State.


  The subject, a merchant, in the very pure sense of the word, is described in the book’s blurb as a “21st century quintessential gentleman and business mogul.” The author further reasoned that Nwakpadolu’s life and the ropes he used to climb out of challenges “no doubt, has a lot of positive lessons, not only for present generation but for generations unborn.”


The author, who prides himself in passionately celebrating people who distinguish themselves in their various calling and professions with exemplary lifestyle, describes his subject as a “man of acclaim” and “winner in the race of life.”


  Explaining more, Rev. Oragu, who has written over three dozen books added thusly: “Sir Joseph Chimezie Nwakpadolu: His Vision and Achievements,’ is a clarion call to all who wish to pursue a life of sacrifice and service and end up in God’s Kingdom, at last. The life of Chief Sir Joseph Chimezie Nwakpadolu, is such that has continued to inspire those of us who know him very well. His life is an eloquent testimony of God’s eternal blessedness, especially in a world where wickedness has become the order of the day. His life represents that of a man who very early in life appreciated the intensity of hard work, humility, hospitality, generosity and philanthropy”.


  The Anglican cleric and full-time writer cited Chief Nwakpadolu’s ever-charismatic but humane demeanor as one of his main attraction to the personality. Although he was born into a humble family, yet he did not see his background as yardstick for the life of laziness and crime. He struggled against all odds, in order to succeed and become a testimony, which we celebrate in his name today. His life revolves around the tenets of sagacity and simplicity and he is an epitome of God’s love and righteousness. The Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, according to St. Matthew 5:16, which says: “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father Which is in heaven,” has continued to be his watchword.”


Sir Nwakpadolu, the chief executive officer of Orpet Petroleum firm among other business concerns in the oil and gas sectors, construction and agriculture, is a community leader, faith promoter and a gentleman of high ethos. The book on him casts him in the fold of the very generous and witty with zeal for excellence. This book Oragu offered, “goes a very long way in establishing the fact that God graciously packaged Sir Joseph Chimezie Nwakpadolu for his generation. It conveys the delectable testimonies of a man who has realised the importance of living his life not just for himself, but for those around him. The world in which we live will be a better place if we have more men like Sir Joseph Chimezie Nwakpadolu. His is a life of sincerity and integrity. Even though he does not wear cassock nor climbs the sacred desk, yet, his life represents an overwhelming testimony that goes on to convince everyone that he received the divine mandate to liberate his generation from the dungeon of poverty.”


 A self made man, and what the book dubs “a product of grace”, Nwakpadolu’s embodiment of kindness is dosal in the book. The book however establishes through the subject’s life that it takes determination to succeed and excel in the midst of frivolities and fantasy.


Even beyond Achina, Chief Nwakpadolu is, popularly called “Omereora,”meaning that his generosity spreads beyond his family and community. His life of philanthropy, sources say, leave a mark in the annals of history.


On Saturday, October 31, 2020, the book will be unveiled in Finotel Classic Hotel, Agu Awka, Anambra State.


  The book presents a man that is very hardworking and hands on in business and community machination even in old age. It serves a man from Achina and magnetic character that draws young and old persons to himself as well as his home be it for faith-based developments, politics and community service.


  A peak into Oragu’s new book on the man who even has churches named after him because of his service and philanthropy and the principal partner of the various Nwakpadolu Estates dolling Awka, Aguata, Aba, Onitsha as well as other major cities in Igbo land leaves the reader with a rounded view of a successful merchant with the heart of a saint.


  The Joseph from Achina is indeed a living, hardworking saint.


  He comes out good in the dutifully packaged book with beautiful cover design though a wordy title.


  The forewords by Rt. Rev. Isaac Chijioke Nwaobia and Venerable Geoffery N. Oji, both eminent Anglicab clergymen establish Sir Nwakpadolu’s deep roots in the religious faith.

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