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2 ‘severely decomposed’ bodies found in former Rhode Island mayor’s home

Two bodies were found "severely decomposed" in the Woonsocket home of a former Rhode Island, United States mayor, police have revealed.

Woonsocket Police Chief, Thomas Oates told local media WPRI that an elderly female and an elderly male were found dead inside the residence on Monday, September 19. The home was surrounded by police cars on Monday night.

Oates also confirmed that the home belongs to Susan Menard, who served as Mayor of Woonsocket. The police chief did not confirm if she was one of the victims.

Susan Menard served as mayor from 1995 to 2009 – the longest tenure of any Woonsocket mayor.

She was so popular that the city unveiled a Susan D. Menard Middle School complex sign to honor her in 2017.

According to a recent obituary, Susan Menard's brother Robert Miller, 81, passed away on Saturday. His Providence Journal obituary lists the former mayor as part of his surviving family. 

Police said there is no suspicion of criminal behavior at this point in their investigation, which is ongoing. A state medical examiner will also determine the decedents' cause of death. 

Woonsocket is a northern Rhode Island city that borders Massachusetts. The New England city is home to  40,000 residents.

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