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Access Bank, Caverton, Oando top stocks to watch this week

  Oando features in this week’s pick for trading well below its real value. Stocks were moderately weaker in the just-concluded week, further surrendering to the sheer force of desperation by some investors to cash in on recently accumulated gains ahead of others.  The trend is having vile implications for sentiment, and that could be worsened by the gloom already created by absence of investors’ cash needed to lift trade and share prices back to the levels they were before the pandemic struck.  As several equities, notably bank shares, stay undervalued on this score, the fact they are priced low and hold prospects of appreciating when the market is buoyant is a good reason for them to be considered for investment.  Another mirror investors may want to look into at entry point is the strong earnings of some firms at half year and the dividend/bonus announcements that have followed.  PREMIUM TIMES has assembled a number of stocks with fundamentals and other potential, adopting key analytical approaches to save you the hassle of randomly picking equities for investment. The selection, a product of analytical market watch, offers a guide to entering the market and take strategic positions in hopes that equities will gain value with the passage of time, particularly in the short term.   This is not a buy, sell or hold recommendation. You may have to involve your financial advisor before taking investment decisions. ACCESS BANK Access Bank tops PREMIUM TIMES stock selection for its Thursday’s declaration of an interim dividend of N0.30 per share to stockholders whose names appear in the company’s register of members by 16th September. Payment will be made by 29th September. CAVERTON OFFSHORE SUPPORT GROUP Caverton makes the list for trading below its intrinsic value, which makes it cheap for investment. It is currently price at N1.77 per share, with earnings per share (EPS) of N0.35 and a price-to-earnings (PE) ratio. OANDO Oando features in this week’s pick for trading well below its real value. It is priced at N4.1 per unit, has EPS of N2.32 and a PE ratio of 1.75. FLOUR MILLS PLC Flour Mills appears on the list for currently trading significantly below its intrinsic value. It has EPS of N6.47 and a PE ratio of 4.64.   MUTUAL BENEFIT ASSURANCE Mutual Benefits makes the list also for trading below its actual value. It has EPS of N0.14 with a PE ratio of N2.02 per share, making the stock cheap at its current price of N0.31. FCMB FCMB is at the moment trading well below its real value and is currently priced at N3 per unit, has EPS of N0.87 and a PE ratio of 3.37.

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