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By Onyedikachi Anyaonyeabor, Ruth Orji and Paul Nwankwo


Happy birthday to the hard-working, resolute and amiable Managing Director /Chief Executive Officer, Anambra Newspapers & Printing Corporation (ANPC), Publishers of National Light Group of Newspapers, Chuka Nnabuife  (CHINYERE UGO).



                                                             FROM PAUL NWANKWO’S BLOG

Sir, we cannot mark this day, without celebrating the modest achievements your coming has brought into National Light and without acknowledging the huge sacrifices you have steered in ANPC. In other words, today’s celebration will be incomplete without a deep appraisal of the innovations your intellectual steep, high sense of art  and wide outreach within and across South East have brought to National Light. Your rare qualities have not just given National Light newspaper  the third leg upon which it now sits to compete with other leading newspapers across Nigerian newsstands, it has also given it wings to fly across the country.

Your predecessors, no doubt,  paid high prices in noble service to establish the historic National Light Newspaper before your arrival.

Apart from your being an award- winning journalist, poet,  playwright and the second person outside the organisation to head National Light Newspaper, you came to ANPC with 25 years of mainstream journalism experience.

 Your coming to ANPC imbued innovations into National Light. You redesigned and repackaged the newspaper’s outlook, increased its content and pagination to a commercially competitive volume, you launched the papers on the World Wide Web and put it on android apps. As a porter, your creative ingenuity has taken and will continually take National Light to new frontiers. You extended your versatility and myriads of abilities to discerning minds.

In short, your achievements are too numerous to mention. Sir, you are the best.

 Today is your day. As you celebrate, may this lovely day bring you joy, happiness, prosperity and good health. We wish you a very happy birthday, dear Boss. I look forward to office just because of you.









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